4 Must Know Car Buying Tips

February 22nd, 2021 by

Car-buying is the second biggest purchase of someone’s lifetime, next to buying a house. Although it should be a fun and exciting event, it can sometimes be very stressful or even a little intimidating. That’s why we have provided you with 4 must know car buying tips to help ease the process and provide you with an enjoyable car buying experience.

  1. Know your credit score. Before you start applying for financing, it’s a good idea to know your credit score. There are a few advantages to doing so. First, it will give you time to fix any incorrect information on your credit report, second, it will give you a better idea of the rates you qualify for so you know what to expect. There are many online sources for free credit scores. Many credit cards offer to tell you your scores as a perk of having the card, while other sites will provide a score in exchange for some personal information. However, be cautious of sites that require you to sign up for credit monitoring services or other products before you get to see your score.
  2. Take advantage of online tools. Over the years, dealerships have adapted by giving their customers access to online tools. These tools are there for your convenience as a guide and to help prepare you. Some of these tools include, online credit apps, payment calculators and even the option to “Buy Online.” Avondale Nissan also provides home delivery services for your convenience and peace of mind.
  3. Test Drive. Test drives are a very important step in the car buying process. This is the time where you get to know the vehicle and get comfortable with driving it. You will also want to make sure the vehicle fits your lifestyle so you may want to bring car seats or pet carriers to make sure they fit properly. You will also want to bring any large items you carry with you regularly. Examples include dog crates, musical instruments, and sports equipment. It’s a good idea to consider scheduling a specific time with your sales person to test this out. Sometimes, incentives are offered for test driving especially around the holidays or when a new vehicle model is released. Avondale Nissan is currently offering $50 Visa gift cards to those who test drive the 2021 Nissan Rogue. Ask your sales person about any other incentives.
  4. Ask about incentives, no matter what time of month. The best car deals are not always at the end of the month, as matter of fact most incentives start at the begging of the month and come directly from the manufacturer or banks that the vehicles are financed through. So, the mindset of buying towards the end of the month will give you more leverage, is false. Here’s why. Most incentives are provided at the beginning of each month especially when a car is nearing the end of its product cycle or isn’t selling well, automakers offer special incentives to encourage sales. These offers usually include cash back, interest rates that are lower than you’ll find at outside lenders, or a combination of both. Taking advantage of these deals can save you thousands of dollars off MSRP up front or thousands of dollars off interest payments during the term of your car loan.

Avondale Nissan urges customers to take advantage of tips like this because an easy process for you is an easy process for us. More so, it makes for a much more enjoyable car buying experience and builds long lasting relationships. Avondale Nissan wants to be your one stop automotive dealership. Contact us with any questions or to schedule your test drive today. (623) 907-5010.

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