Lithia 60 Day/3,000 Mile Warranty

Lithia 60 Day/3,000 Mile Warranty Includes:


130-Point Quality Inspection**
Lithia 60 Day/3,000 Mile vehicles are put through an exhaustive 130-checkpoint Quality Assurance Inspection. We want the vehicles to look, feel and smell as new as possible. We inspect everything from the tires and the brakes to the suspension, drive train, engine components and even the undercarriage. Only vehicles that pass all 130 checkpoints (as appropriate to vehicle content) can receive our 60 Day/3,000 miles Limited Warranty. See dealer for details.

IMPORTANT RECALL INFORMATION: Some of our pre-owned vehicles may be subject to unrepaired safety recalls. Check for a vehicle’s unrepaired recalls at


Comprehensive Title Report*
A vehicle title (also known as a car title or pink slip) is a legal form, establishing a person or business as the legal owner of a vehicle. A “clean” title is a term used to refer to an automobile title that is free of liens and is not a salvage title. When someone purchases a car with a loan, the title is held by the Loan Company or bank, even though it is issued in the name of the buyer by the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The loan company or bank is known as the “lien holder” and the title is marked in a way that clearly indicates that the vehicle is subject to a financial obligation.  In this case, the title is not a “clean” title.


Vehicle History Report*
The vehicle check will supply history information about the vehicle such as previous accidents that were reported, and title records such as ownership changes. As the prospective buyer, you can then assess whether the car’s history is going to subject you to further costs or concerns. Examples of what you might see on a vehicle history report: Odometer problems, State of the title, Number of titles, Title information, Accident history, Lemon history, Auction history, Salvage information, Warranty availability, Service records, Mileage, and Total loss information from insurance companies.


Eligible for Purchase of Lithia Assured
Service Contract and Lifetime Oil Plan*

For Peace of Mind Down the Road, our Assured Service Contracts will keep your vehicle running its best for years to come. Our Base Plan covers Powertrain, Steering, Front Suspension, Electrical, Brakes, and Factory Air Conditioning.  Our Comprehensive Plan is designed to give you the finest in vehicle owner protection – by protecting you from unexpected repair costs and taking the worry out of driving. The Comprehensive Plan combines the Powertrain & High-Tech Plans and adds much more. The Comprehensive Plan enhances and extends the Manufacturer’s New Vehicle Warranty. It provides major electrical & mechanical component coverage, which protects you & your new purchase for just a few dollars per day. This is the ideal plan for those who want extensive coverage & maximum protection for their automobile investment. Our Roadside Assistance Program protects you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the U.S. & Canada with Tire Road Hazard Protection & Trip Interruption Coverage. This coverage is available on our Powertrain, High-Tech & Comprehensive plans. We offer the convenience of nationwide coverage for authorized service & repairs.

Warranties on Used Cars for Sale at Avondale Nissan

As part of the Lithia Auto Group, Avondale Nissan is able to offer Peoria car-shoppers more than used car dealerships. When you shop at a used car dealership, you know you’re going to forfeit some of the benefits of a new car, like warranty coverage. That’s not the case with the used cars for sale at Avondale Nissan. Our pre-owned cars for sale that have under 80,000 miles come with a 60-day/3,000 miles warranty, so you can shop with confidence! Take a look at some of the other benefits we offer on our used cars for sale that you won’t get at other used car dealerships!

What You Get When You Purchase a Pre-Owned Car for Sale with Us

At a glance, here are some of the benefits Phoenix drivers get when they buy one of the used cars for sale at Avondale Nissan:

  • 130-point quality inspection performed by the certified technicians in our service center
  • Comprehensive title report to ensure that the title is clean
  • Vehicle history report so you know your favorite Surprise pre-owned car for sale hasn’t been in any major incidents
  • Available Assured Service Contract and Lifetime Oil Plan to save you money in the long run

Of course, if you want even more coverage, you can shop our selection of Nissan certified pre-owned cars for sale that come with even more warranty coverage. At Avondale Nissan, you have options that will leave you happy and confident, no matter which vehicle you choose!

Get More Than Just Used Cars for Sale at Avondale Nissan

No matter which used car for sale you choose at Avondale Nissan, know that your purchase is protected with warranty coverage you can’t expect from other used car dealers. It’s just one of the many perks of shopping with us. Want to know more about our warranties on used cars? Contact us and we’ll gladly answer your questions.