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Get Your Suspension Inspected or Repaired at Avondale Nissan

When you first started driving your model, it probably felt like it handled every turn with ease. This kind of graceful handling is what drivers have come to expect, but if your suspension becomes damaged in any way, your car is going to feel like it’s out of control. You might notice that it drifts to the side, or that the whole vehicle leans forward when you come to a stop. If you’re ready to solve the problem, then you can have your suspension inspected today at Avondale Nissan.

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What Is a Suspension?

There are some parts of your car that you probably aren’t going to think about when you’re driving. Your suspension should give you graceful handling on the road, so it’s easy to forget that it exists in the first place, until it starts to give you trouble. Your suspension’s job is to keep your car stable, even when you’re rolling over uneven terrain. It’s a sophisticated system that needs to work flawlessly so that you always have great handling. If you’re starting to notice that your vehicle isn’t as responsive, or that it’s beginning to lean as you drive, then it’s time to take a look at your suspension.

Is My Suspension Damaged?

Diagnosing a bad suspension can be difficult, but there are a few key signs that you can look for.

  • Bad Signs While You’re Driving: While you’re driving, you’ll want to keep an ear out for squeaking and other strange sounds. As for your handling, your car shouldn’t be lurching forward when you brake. You might also notice that it drifts, or that it leans to the side when you’re taking tight turns. If it feels like your vehicle is moving more than it should, and you’re near Phoenix, Avondale, or Glendale, then you can bring your model to our mechanics at Avondale Nissan.
  • Take a Look at Your Vehicle from the Outside: Before you get in your model, you might want to perform a bounce test. Lean against the side of your car and move away. If it continues to bounce over and over again, then you have an issue. You can also look for uneven wear on your tires, and you can see if your shocks or struts are visibly damaged.

How Do I Repair a Suspension?

Your car weighs a lot, so your suspension is under a lot of pressure. This is why it’s best to take your car to a mechanic when you’re dealing with suspension problems, as it can be dangerous to work on it yourself. At Avondale Nissan, we value your time, so you can expect quick service when you visit. If your vehicle needs any other services, like an oil change, for example, we can assist you with that too. This way, you’ll have all your major repairs handled before you leave the dealership. With a fixed suspension, you can expect to have great handling once you get back on the road. Since this repair can take some time, you might want to consider dropping your vehicle off and picking it up later. You can continue to go about your day while our mechanics handle the hard work behind the scenes.


When your suspension is giving you problems, you can schedule a service with our mechanics at Avondale Nissan.