Get an Oil Change Near Peoria at Avondale Nissan


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Where to Get an Oil Change Near Peoria

The service center at Avondale Nissan is the place to go for an oil change near Peoria. We make it so easy for the Avondale drivers that they can even schedule an oil change online with our service center. Read below to find out what happens if you don’t get your oil change and why it’s easier than ever to get an oil change near Phoenix. We also talk about how to redeem an oil change coupon if you’re looking for an oil change special near Peoria.

What Happens if You Don’t Get an Oil Change Regularly?

We make sure our Peoria customers know how vital scheduled oil service is to the health of their cars, and they should regularly bring their vehicles in for an oil change. Peoria traffic can be brutal on an engine, so it needs to be maintained according to the manufacturer’s schedule. Here’s what typically happens if the oil is not replaced:

  • Sluggish Performance – Old oil slowly turns into sludge, making it harder for the engine parts to move. This causes a very obvious difference in performance.
  • Lower Gas Mileage – Old, sludgy oil causes your car’s engine to work harder, meaning it has to use more gas. That means more trips to Phoenix gas stations.
  • Blown Head Gasket – Old, sludgy oil does not draw heat away from the engine. Your car’s engine can overheat, which, in turn, can cause a head gasket to blow the car is not brought in regularly for an oil change. Phoenix summers can be brutal, speeding up this process. And replacing a blown head gasket is so expensive that it is often not worth the cost to repair the car. That means you could lose your car.
  • Seized Engine – Without new oil, the metallic parts in the engine will rub against each other, causing the parts can seize. A seized engine cannot be repaired.

Oil Change Special Near Peoria

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an oil change special near Peoria. All of our service specials are competitively priced. But why not take advantage of our oil change coupon?

Schedule an Oil Change Online at Avondale Nissan

Now’s the time to redeem that oil change coupon, since getting an oil change near Peoria is now easier than ever. The same is true if you’re looking for an oil change near Phoenix. You can even schedule your oil change online. What if your vehicle has more serious issues? We can help with that, too. We’re just down the road from Surprise. So drop by, or contact us today!