No Dealer Adds on Over 500 of Our Vehicles

We outfit a handful of vehicles with accessories so you can get an idea of which accessories, if any you would like to add. It's your choice. Every other Nissan dealer adds these you have to buy them.

We Employ Non-Commissioned Sales Consultants

We pay on flats, not on save money and eliminate the hassle!

Instant Access to Any Vehicle in Our Inventory

All our vehicles are equipped with state of the art key boxes that allow our sales consultants immediate access to all our inventory. No waiting, No "lost" or "misplaced" keys, you get instant access to the vehicle you want.

Have a Trade, We Have Buyers

We will shop your trade so you don't have to.  We have multiple ways to get top dollar for your trade.

Lowest Sales Tax in the Valley

Keep more of your hard earned money.

Locally Owned and Operated

Unlike the competition, we don't need to impress shareholders... Just our customers!