2017 Nissan Titan vs. 2017 Ford F-150

The world of heavy-duty pickup trucks has grown to be iconic in the minds of many drivers, from blue-collar workers to casual commuters. This versatility in consumer interest has led many pickup trucks to ramp up their tech innovation and overall performance for everyone, and two of the top entry-level trucks on the market are the 2017 Nissan Titan and 2017 Ford F-150. Both are tough, highly advanced and have confident, athletic design cues, and today we’ll show you how they match up with one another.

Obviously, any comparison between two pickups will include some variation in engine design and available options, so our team at Avondale Nissan has done some research on both the Titan and F-150 models to determine which one is best for your current situation. Let’s jump in and see what these two truck kings bring to the table!

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2017 Titan vs 2017 F-150
$29,580 MSRP $27,110
5.6L V8 / 390 hp Base Engine / Horsepower 2.7L V6 / 282 hp
Up to 9,740 / 1,951 lbs Towing/Payload Capacity Up to 10,500 / 1,621 lbs
15 city / 21 highway Fuel Economy 19 city / 26 highway

2017 Nissan Titan Avondale AZ

If you’re looking for a pickup that combines the best of exterior strength and interior sophistication, you can’t go wrong with either the 2017 Nissan Titan in Avondale AZ or 2017 Ford F-159. Both can offer competitive towing capacity (though the F-150 offers a more diverse range of engines) and serious power under the hood for prices that can fit any budget. Though the F-150 can achieve greater fuel economy both in the city and on the highway, there aren’t many areas in which the Titan slacks. Its futuristic interior design (accented by plenty of cargo areas and leather-stitched seating) is dominated by the available NissanConnect infotainment system. This helps you to stay connected to the world around you in ways that many other pickups simply cannot. In addition, the Titan features a 7-speed automatic transmission, All-Wheel Drive capability and Hill Start Assist, ensuring that whatever you’re hauling or wherever you’re going, it has your best interests in mind.

If you’d like more information on the 2017 Titan, feel free to contact our sales team here at Avondale Nissan. We can get you behind the wheel for a test drive and help you work out a financing deal if you’re convinced that the Titan is the right pickup for you.

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2017 Nissan Titan Avondale AZ
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